Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Here you go... just kidding!!!

So, I have decided that my blog should not just be fluff, but a journal of some importance. It is a space in which I can rant, you can disagree with me, or agree with me, give me feedback in the comments section, or ignore me completely. It is your call. I have come to the conclusion that the United States is a country full of blatant hypocrisy, and I often stumble upon articles such as this one from the Boston Globe that only do more to reinforce that opinion. The United States Supreme Court passed law over 20 years ago (according to the Globe) that stated that children of illegal immigrants were entitled to an education from the American Public system. In Massachusetts, the government awards the John and Abigail Adams scholarship to students who excel on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System test. These students must receive an advanced rating on one part of the test and a proficient grade on the other part of the test in order to be considered for the award, which is a full 4 year tuition scholarship for a post secondary institution. Many of these children excel in Math and English and do well on this achievement exam. However, if they are awarded a scholarship, they do not qualify to collect the money they are entitled to because the United States government will not give any funding for post secondary education to the children of illegal immigrants. As the government does not track these students as being illegal immigrants, they receive the letter awarding them the scholarship based on their merit, but are only disappointed when they find out they are unable to claim it. These bright minds are being denied access not only to a better life and a higher place in American society, but also a feeling of self worth and accomplishment. They are being ripped off. These kids have excelled in the public system despite racism, socio-economic issues inherent with being an illegal immigrant, and quite probably language barriers. They have done well (obviously better than 75% of the other students who wrote the exam) so why is it that they are not entitled to the scholarship money that they have worked so hard for? They are potentially some of the brightest minds in the public system and yet they are being held down by bureaucratic policy. I believe the United States is doing itself a huge disservice by not giving these young minds a chance to give back to society in a meaningful way. They have already shown their dedication to their education and should be given the same opportunities as any other American in the Public system would receive. Unfortunately, this probably won’t happen any time soon considering the general mindset of those who oppose immigration period, let alone illegal immigration in the United States. Probably those same people who got bush elected not once, but twice!!! So, let's appear to be giving these kids a chance by "letting" them into public school, where regardless if they do well, they'll still be stuck with the menial jobs no one else wants to do because they can't get the funding necessary to continue their education. So, back to the title of my blog... "here's your scholarship... ooo, just kidding!!!" That's my two bits...